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FX11 miód aluminum WEBAluminum labels are an interesting solution that is becoming more and more popular. In this case, we use a quite unusual backing constituted by a thin layer of aluminum. On this layer we perform the printing and, later on, the embossing, thanks to which the label has a unique and exclusive look. Due to the character of the material, it is possible to achieve interesting and untypical effects that are impossible when using other types of backing (the effect of “old gold” or “old silver”).

Aluminum labels are non-absorbent, do not have any smell, are fully non-transparent and very resistant to external factors. They are also resistant to high temperatures, humidity and radiation. Such labels are a modern solution that is very popular in e.g. alcohol industry.

The process of producing labels

When it comes to production of the labels, we provide comprehensive end-to-end service. One only needs to send us the order and – if already prepared – the graphic design. We put maximum effort to “relieve” our Customers and do not involve them in those aspects, which we can organize by ourselves.

The process of producing labels itself includes the following stages:

1/ Gathering information on the label and its assessment.
By speaking with the Customer, we try to
gather as much information as possible about the labels. It concerns not only the primary aspects such as the size of the label, order quantity or number of colors, but also the estimated wear e.g. in a year, the purpose of the label, required resistance to unusual conditions. All those pieces of information allow us to adjust the offer to the Customer’s requirements in the best and most accurate way. The price, in particular, includes all of the discussed parameters and determined refinements of the label.

2/ Preparation of the project and pre-press.
It is possible to
create a design from scratch by the employees of our DTP department, as well as to adjust the received graphic materials to flexographic technology and our machinery profiles. The detailed instructions about preparation of graphic data have been described in “For graphic designers”. Then, the design is sent for approval as a PDF file and, if required, via e-mail as a digital proof. The project is being adjusted and corrected until it is accepted by the Customer. After the final approval of the graphic design, we make the photopolymers and punch dies which, when applied to the machinery, enable printing and cutting the labels.

3/ Production of labels.
Photopolymers are put on the printing press and the process of printing and embossing is being started. The first print of a particular design is
conducted in the presence of the Customer’s representative, who, on the basis of previously presented materials and own assessment, approves the pattern. During the printing process, paints are applied to the surface and they are hardened with UV lamps, which allows usage of high line counts and, as a result, very good quality of print. On the same line with the print, we perform embossing of particular parts of the label. Next, finishing works are performed – punching, cutting, packing, etc. – everything according to the instructions of the Customer.

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