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specjalneOur offer also includes labels for special purposes, which means that, apart from their marketing and information role, they also must have other features.

Securing labels – seals

The most important feature of this type of labels is that they cannot be removed and placed once more on the product without leaving some traces of such action. Damaging the label is a proof that an unauthorized person has opened a particular package, which may result in e.g. losing one’s benefits related to a guarantee. The label cannot be applied to another product so, consequently, there is no possibility of counterfeiting it and using to extend the guarantee period.

The most commonly used labels are those that leave permanent marks, in form of adhesive or text that is revealed when the external surface of the label is damaged. The part of the label is left on the secured material, while a transparent text appears on the surface. Such labels are very often used in electronics and computer industry, as well as for documents, deliveries and cosmetics.

Covering labels

Covering labels are used in a situation in which there is a need to cover elements of the product permanently and in 100%. Those elements may consist of out-of-date text or graphic elements on the product itself (e.g. graphics on an aluminum can) or the label, which cannot be removed without leaving marks. If we apply a regular label, there is a risk that it will not fully cover the unwanted elements. Then, the perfect solution is to use covering labels that have a special layer, which does not transmit the elements that are under it.

Sandwich-type labels

The so-called sandwich labels constitute a sort of a “label on a label”: we remove it from the backing and place on a particular surface and then we can unglue one more label from it. Such a label has a double layer of silicone, while the actual part is at the front. The part inside is of carrier character (this part has the adhesive on it) and can be carried on to another surface.

Sandwich labels are very often used in logistics, administration and marketing activities for various competitions and promotions. They are also used in medicine.