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ISO Certificate


We own the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which is another proof that we put all the possible effort to make our products and services have the best possible quality.

In our company, the production process is conducted under supervision and with the record of the respective stages of this process, so that we may guarantee the quality and fulfillment of our Customer’s requirements.
The results of production process are monitored and verified.

Thanks to full identification of products and entries created during the process, the full traceability of products may be provided.

The Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygiene Practice

Our employees work according to the principles that function under a common name – Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a set of procedures focused, in particular, on the hygiene of production and preventing manufacture of products that do not comply with the quality requirements, including changes in product features.

The Decalogue” of Good Manufacturing Practice:

1. Before you start any work, make sure you have read the required procedures and instructions.
2. Always operate according to instructions, do not use any “shortcuts” or “enhancements”. If you do not know or understand something – ask your managers or consult the proper documentation.

3. Before starting the work, make sure you have the correct raw material and intermediate product.
4. Make sure that the technical state of the devices and equipment is correct and that they are clean.
5. Work in a way that maximally limits the risk of polluting the product, rooms, equipment and devices.
6. Be careful, avoid mistakes and errors.
7. Any irregularities or deviations from the planned parameters of the production process should be notified to the managers.
8. Perform regular hygienic practices; maintain your working stand clean and in order.
9. Save, thoroughly, all the parameters of the process.
10. Be responsible for what you do.

DPP documentation includes procedures (instructions, which refer to certain operations with specifying the task aims, indicating requirements, as well as competences and range of responsibility of people who perform them), technological instructions (that describe the method of performing particular actions), specifications (concerning raw materials used in production of packaging materials and final products) and reports (operation documents as confirmation of the executed operations, research, and tests that are filled in during the work).

In our business activity, we also focus on the principles that constitute the Good Hygiene Practice, that is the principles concerning meeting the sanitary and hygienic requirements on every stage of production. Thus, we focus on:

1. The sanitary state of the surroundings of the plant and its infrastructure
2. The sanitary state of the plant buildings, rooms and their functional setting
3. The sanitary state of machines and devices
4. Efficiency of washing and disinfection
5. Water source
6. Management of waste and sewage
7. Protection against pests
8. Personnel training
9. The sanitary state of transportation means