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We have a special device that enables numbering and production of variable data labels. Variable data labels are used due to various reasons. Some Customers use them in order to have a precise control over the wear of labels during the production process. Other Customers use identification of label because of marketing needs (e.g. competitions) or due to the fact that their labels are used for products with pre-numbered forms.
We can perform the numbering on the
label itself, as well as on the backing. Despite some exceptions, there are no limitations when it comes to the material on which numbering may be performed.
Usually, the color numbering we apply is black. However there is a possibility of purchasing ink in
almost any color, which may significantly increase the esthetics of the label. The print may be divided into three lines and modified without any limitations so that it can fulfill its purpose in the best way possible (the size, placement etc.). We are able to apply elaborate texts and sequences of characters, both numbers and letters. Those codes may be individual or gathered into groups or series (e.g. a particular amount of subsequent labels may have the same marking).

The process of producing data variable labels

The process of producing labels with variable data is not very different from the production of regular labels. There is just an additional stage at the end, during which the rolls with labels are mounted on a special machine. This machine is being programmed in a way that allows application of codes according to the instructions of the Customer. Then, the proper numbering is being performed and only after this stage the labels are ready to be prepared for delivery.

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