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Below, you will find documents that are useful during the process of order execution, as well as after it.

Document-iconTechnical requirements – preparation of projects – in this file you will find the information concerning the technical parameters according to which the graphic materials should be prepared to allow the quickest and most accurate preparation of the project.

Document-iconTechnical data – please fill in this file and send it to us when placing an order. This document is focused on the technical aspects of preparing the labels that are sometimes forgotten due to the number of instructions and guidelines that are agreed on in connection with the same graphic or offer. They are also very important and omission of agreements concerning e.g. the size of tube or diameter of the reel may result in major production problems.

Document-iconSurvey on Customer’s satisfaction – we conduct the research on satisfaction of our Customers once a year. However, if you want to state your opinion on any aspect of our cooperation – either positive or negative – you only need to fill in this file and send it to us via fax or e-mail.