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Production of sachets constitutes a branch of our business activity that we have been developing for years. The changes in the market and in the demands of Customers result in a more common use of sachets. On one hand, the recipients very often want to receive a sample of the product before they purchase a larger, “proper” packaging, but on the other hand – also the producers want to present their new product and advertize it in a better way. That is why sachets are very widely used in food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. They are used as inserts in magazines, as well as in regular consumer sales, or as promotion sets.

We are able to produce packets from different materials, of various sizes and size of the filling product. That includes also single sachets, as well as double, perforation included. We perform packaging for fluid, semi-fluid, loose substances, creams, pastes, as well as pills, capsules etc.

The packaging of sachets is made in such a way that the produced and properly cut foil is applied to the packing machine. First, the side seals are formed and then, by the usage of aspirators, sides of the sachet are opened and the feed is placed into it. The sachet is being extended and the upper seal is made, and then – if necessary – the cuts for easy opening, Euro perforation and/or embossing of date and serial number are performed. Next, the sachets are placed in a collective carton box or – if it was decided that way – to small boxes (provided by the Customer).

Print of laminates

There is a possibility of performing the print on laminates and delivering it to the Customer in form of rolls. Some companies have their own machines that perform packaging of sachets or want to use foil in some other way. We are also interested in this type of business.

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