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We are a flexographic printing operation

Our core business involves printing self-adhesive labels, BOPP film and multi-layer laminates/sachets.

We also offer non-standard products, such as fragrant labels, aluminium labels, personalised labels, and special labels (sandwich-type, or blockout labels).

Our machine park comprises high-class machinery made by well-known and respected manufacturers, which guarantees our clients high quality and repeatability.

We keep all the production stages, from designing the labels to printing and packaging, in our hands, meaning that we maintain full control over the process. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that the final result will meet the client’s expectations.

Our staff is happy to share their knowledge and offer professional advice. We always try to find out as much as possible about our clients’ needs, so that we can find the best solution together.

If you need a non-standard product, please feel free to contact us. In recent years, we’ve launched new types of design not common on the market which have required a creative approach.

The label production process usually consists of the following stages:

1. Gathering information

2. Design preparation

3. Label production

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