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Preparation of graphic materials

Before we can begin printing, the graphic materials we received must be processed.

The specific nature of flexography means that every file must be placed on a matrix which allows it to be cut out with a stamp and the colour to be adjusted.

After finishing adjustment of the label to the profiles of our machinery, we send the client a PDF review version of the label for verification.

Written confirmation of acceptance (by e-mail or fax) is a condition for sending the label to print.
At the client’s request, we can next make a colour proof. The proof is made with all the relevant colour profiles.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


In this file, there is information on technical parameters which should be followed when preparing graphic materials.

Technical requirements

Below are general guidelines for preparing graphics files, which will help us prepare a design which meets your expectations.
Files should be saved in .ai format (Adobe Illustrator CS6 or lower) or in .cdr (CorelDraw X4 or lower).

Additionally, it is necessary to attach a separate bitmap in .psd or .tiff format with layers saved. For every open file, we also request that you send us a PDF.
If colour proofs have been prepared for the design, please send these along with the documentation.

Lines used in the design should not be narrower than 0.10 mm (one-colour) or 0.15 (white on coloured background).

Please save the design with text converted to curves.

If alterations or modifications are foreseen for the design, including those with open text, please include the font used on the design. Minimum font height is 4 points. Minimum printed point is 5%.

If colours other than cyan, magenta, yellow, or black are used in text, please remember to use Pantone colours.


Please complete this form and send it to us to submit an order. This document points out technical aspects of label preparation which can sometimes be forgotten in the rush of making arrangements regarding the graphics themselves and the offer.

Check the status of your delivery

Feel free to check the status of your delivery. To obtain your delivery ID number, please contact Ms. Barbara Hendzel or the responsible individual in the Commercial Department.

Delivery numbers can also be sent by default by prior arrangement. If you would like to receive your delivery number by default, please provide an e-mail address for the information to be sent to.


We constantly aim to refine and improve our work, which is why we conduct a client satisfaction survey annually. We’d like to hear your opinion.