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Special labels

We also offer special-purpose labels which can play roles other than simply informational and marketing.

Security labels and anti-tamper stickers
The most important characteristic of these labels is that they cannot be removed and replaced on the product without leaving a trace. Labels like these are often used in electronics and the computer industry, and also with documents, mailings, and cosmetics.

Etykiety specjalne, do specjalnych zastosowań

Blockout labels
Blockout labels are used whenever it is necessary to completely and permanently cover elements of the product.

Sandwich labels
Sandwich labels are a kind of “label on a label” – they are remove from the base and applied to a surface, and then an additional layer can be removed from them. Sandwich layers are often used in logistics, administration, marketing operations, and different types of competitions and promotions, as well as in medicine.

he label production process usually consists of the following stages:

1. Gathering informatio

In conversations with the client, we aim to gather as much information as possible about the labels. We are interested in more than just the basic details and sizes, order amounts and colours – we want to know estimated annual usage, the purpose of the labels, durability requirements in atypical conditions, and so on. This information lets us make the best possible offer, matched to the client’s needs perfectly.

2. Design preparation

We offer label design services, and our graphics studio can develop a concept from the ground up and adapt the materials provided by the clients to flexo technology and the profiles of the machinery we use. Precise guidelines for preparing graphic materials are available in the “Technical requirements – print preparation” section. The prepared design is sent for approval in PDF format, and if necessary by courier as a digital proof.

3. Label productio

Photopolymers are placed on the printing machines and the printing process begins. The first print run of a given design can be conducted with the client present, who may approve the design based on their own materials and estimation. The paints which we use in the printing process are UV hardened, making high line counts possible Finally, finishing is applied according to the client’s instructions.